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Bild 01 Publikumsgolf Rottal, Ruswil (LU)
Bild 02 Golfpark Zugersee, Baar-Hausen-Kappel (ZG, ZH)
Bild 03 Golfpark Moossee
Bild 04 Golfpark Moossee
Bild 05 Golfclub Mönchaltorf, Mönchaltorf
Bild 06 Golfanlage Zurzach, Bad Zurzach (AG)
Bild 07 Golfpark Herrenberg, Berg-Dietikon (AG)

Golf & Umwelt

Projektliste Golf & Umwelt: pdf

We are committed to advocating for sustainability in the golf industry. Golf has a huge potential to positively impact the environment and the local community. When done right, golf can benefit people and places, provide valuable urban green space, improve water quality, provide wildlife habitat and increased biodiversity and contribute to the positive environmental footprint of the community.

As professionals with experience in both golf course construction and environmental consulting we are able to provide advice and guidance to golf clubs, investors and architects on how they can positively integrate golf into the local environment.

Erich Steiner and David Bily are GEOSA members, providing guidance for GEO Legacy development and verification services for GEO Certified.